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Versatile Picture Fiction

I love a picture book, you know this. I’m obsessed by them, I own hundreds of them, but why?

One of the most important things for me in the classroom is that I can get as much as possible from one picture fiction book because, here’s a secret,  *Checks who is looking* I’m a bit lazy. I like one book to work really hard for me so I don’t have to sort through loads. This also helps with time.  I don’t have all the time in the world to be searching for books and nor, I guess, do you.

Here are some of my top favourite books which are really versatile and could take you all term to explore fully! Continue reading

Stimulating the creative writing process

What have you thought about today? Have you thought about putting the bins out? Have you pondered whether your kids will ever learn to empty the dishwasher? Perhaps you’ve wonder whether you should write in pen or pencil?

They’re all pretty mundane thoughts. Our lives are full of these minutiae, yet we don’t often stand back and reflect on them.

Looking within yourself; to your thoughts and ideas is what we need to do as writers. Bringing three things you’ve thought about today and writing them as sentences is a simple way to unlock the writing process. It really doesn’t matter how ordinary the thoughts are: the extra-ordinary can only stand out because it exists in a sea of the mundane. Continue reading